Introducing ZMOS networks


ZMOS provides technology-based solutions for small to large sized business throughout the Tri-State region.

Welcome To ZMOS Networks

ZMOS Networks will design and implement new network solutions for Exchange Server services for email and collaboration. Centralization allows shared data access for all computer without the need for transport via foreign devices such as USB flash drives. Centralization of all resources and printing provides secure data backup and becomes more manageable.

Customized Computing Solutions

There are many different scenarios that your company may need for us to solve. 

Network & Desktop Installation & Maintenance

ZMOS Networks will help you configure your desktops/laptops.

Data recovery/transfer

Whether upgrading to a new system or recovering lost information, we can help you achieve these important tasks. 

Backup solutions

The worse thing that can happen is losing all your company’s data without having a guaranteed backup solution to fall back on.