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Our Mission

ZMOS Networks was established with the vision of providing professional expertise at reasonable prices and expeditious turnaround time. Since its inception, ZMOS has been recognized as an elite information technology consultancy company throughout Westchester and New York City.

We offer “Out of the box thinking” for customization of networks to suit a client’s specific needs. Give Immediate response to emergency situations, no job too big or small for all issues. We work with all industries including and NOT limited to: Accounting/Bookkeeping, Architecture/Interior Design, Summer Camps, Construction companies, Financial Institutions, Insurance companies, Law Firms, Marketing and Development, Non-for-profit organizations, Public Relations, Real estate, Religious organizations , Schools (nursery through high-school), Pharmaceuticals, Textiles, etc…


Whether you want to install a new network, upgrade an existing network or outsource the responsibilities of managing a network, ZMOS Networks is an ideal partner to help you achieve your goals. We offer a wide range of networking services, from design to implementation, maintenance and support.

Small Business Solutions

ZMOS Networks will design and implement new network solutions for Exchange Server services for email and collaboration. Centralization allows shared data access for all computer without the need for transport via foreign devices such as USB flash drives. Centralization of all resources and printing provides secure data backup and becomes more manageable. Let us be your primary provider, go to our contact page and let us build your versatile and customized network.

IT/Network Management

Supports Small Business Servers 2003-2008. Maintain networks throughout organization, with multiple platforms in a more robust design for functionality and proficiency. Provides the inner specs of database management and performances. Telephone system and programming and setup of small and large enterprises; Intranet development and online ticketing system can be developed at client’s request.

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From Our Clients

Our Approach is different. We care about long-term relationships over short-term gains. By getting the small things right, we aim to make a big difference for our clients.