Backup Solutions 
Anywhere and Anytime Recovery

As your data grows and diversifies, storing, protecting, and recovering it becomes increasingly challenging. Data is probably among your company’s most valuable assets. So, protecting and archiving that data is one of the important tasks, and challenges.

We offer a single integrated platform to address the full range of storage requirements, virtualization, common management, data protection and archiving.

Our team’s expertise is assessing, designing and deploying enterprise-class backup systems for a wide variety of applications and environments, while keeping in mind your recovery-time and recovery-point objectives.

Secured Backup

It is highly recommended that one need to securely store data backup on a computer system outside business premises and preferably at a location which is not in the same seismic zone. This ensures that in case of system failure or natural disaster, there is a data copy and is available for data restore.

 Customized & Control

We give full access to your data directly from our console allowing you to track your cloud repository consumption and storage renewal reminders. Using this solution, you can back up critical data from workstations and servers, across physical and virtual platforms, to a secure off-site data centre, while giving backup administrators full control of all processes.

Flexibility & Scalability

The Solution that we offer is flexible and at the same time highly scalable. This has ensured that we offer solution to every customer segment right from an Individual User to SME to Medium Enterprise to a Large Enterprise.

Cost Efficient

We offer you the best and effective service option to effectively manage and reduce your cost and complexity of building and maintaining an offsite infrastructure. We provide complete cost effective cloud managed hybrid local and cloud backup service.