On Premise Storage

Being a company, it’s necessary to understand the requirements of our customers. Thus, we offer you on premise storage facility to reduce time and complexity of application and service deployment across your enterprise. We also offer you a flexible, mobile, and a cost efficient storage option where you can scale your storage as per your business requirements.

Management and Control of Data

It is one of the vital factors in identifying the correct storage option for an enterprise. Because any organization or business needs more control and command on their data. We offer accurate and immediate support for data replication and backup capabilities.

Latency and Availability

Having an on-premise storage solution, we configure cloud storage for high availability, albeit at the array level. It gives you the flexibility to create a high level of data protection, timely recovery through actively supporting file system replication, snapshots and backup at the most ground levels.


On-premises storage is ideal for strict data compliance, as it limits user access and keeps data secure through file encryption. When data is placed in a company’s own data centre, we ensure all the files meet compliance requirements and gets high levels of security.